Increasing Listener Choice

This unique & prosperous county now has its own digital radio network, with capacity for a large number of new broadcasters to enter the market & make their mark, gain listeners & increase revenue.

Get people talking...

Our network provides comprehensive coverage of Rutland & Stamford, amounting to 70,000 (and growing!) potential new listeners to YOUR station

Quality Assured

We've partnered with the UK's leading independent broadcast techncial consultancy & operations provider, to ensure a quality of service which is comparable to that of more major, and more costly, platforms

Cost Effective

Getting your station on DAB needn't be as costly as you think! Gone are the days of paying 6-figure sums to greedy PLCs. We're fully transparent on pricing, and our rate card is published right here on our website!

Rutland & Stamford DAB is operated by Creativity Media Services, our roots are in making great local radio a reality, and we’ve got a great pedigree. Our people have launched & operated FM stations throughout the UK, across both commercial & commuity sectors. Now we’re bringing our expertise, and significant investment, to making DAB digital radio an accessible platform for all stations, both big & small.

We applied for, and were awarded, the Small Scale DAB licence by Ofcom to serve Rutland & Stamford, opening up the market to more stations, increasing listener choice & providing opportunities for broadcasters to grow their audience, and in turn, their revenue.

Our Rutland & Stamford multiplex comprehensively covers the population of Rutland, and Stamford.

Getting on air through DAB used to be known for being hideously expensive – not any more. Digital Radio is now an accessible platform for broadcasters of all sizes, and our competitive rates mean its affordable too

Our Rates

Bit RatePrice Per MonthFull Year PriceAnnual Pay Up Front Payment With 2 Month’s Free CarriageSaving Per Year
DSP Rates – DAB+
CDSP RATES 25% Discount
Bit RatePrice Per MonthFull Year PriceAnnual Pay Up Front Payment With 2 Month’s Free CarriageSaving Per Year
CDSP Rates

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